St Thomas More Catholic Primary School


As an integral part of the development of the whole child, St Thomas More Catholic Primary School incorporates Christian living into every learning area.

Our faith programme follows the Catholic Education guidelines and baptized children can also take part in the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.

St Thomas More values and nourishes high achievement and places a strong emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy skills with specialist support in the areas of Performing Arts, Art, LOTE (Indonesian), Educational Skills Coaching , Music and Information and Communication Technology.

National Reporting Regulations

The Australian Government has decreed that schools are to provide specific information in formal reports to parents using the following:
1)         The student’s results in NAPLAN tests against National Literacy and Numeracy benchmarks in Years 3 and 5 with the Semester Two report.

 2)         Students’ achievement of the learning outcomes:

  • Graded on an A-E grade system
  • Referenced to challenging achievement standards for each year and Learning Area
  • Averaged to provide an overall achievement grade for the Learning Area.

 The Semester Report

When determining a grade at the end of the semester, teachers will take into account the progress a student has made in regard to:

  • What a student can already do at this point in time in relation to the end of year achievement standard.
  • The knowledge, understanding and skills covered up to that point in time.
  • What a student needs to be able to do by the end of the current school year (the characteristics associated with the current end of year grades)

 Rating Students’ Progress in Relation to the Achievement Grades

For each outcome covered, students’ achievement will be graded in relation to their progress towards the achievement grade. The rating definitions are:

 A        Well Above Standard

The student demonstrates achievement that has greatly exceeded the

expected standard. 

B        Above Standard

The student demonstrates achievement that exceeds the expected standard.

C        At Standard

The student demonstrates achievement at the expected standard.

D       Below Standard

The student demonstrates achievement below the expected standard.

E        Well Below Standard

The student demonstrates achievement well below the minimum expected standard for this year level.

 It is important to note that the Formal Student Report is complemented by a number of other reporting tools.

For example:

  • Learning Journeys
  • Developmental Portfolio
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings

 These complementary reports provide information about students’ progress for both conceptual and process outcomes.

 Additional Support and Alternative Reporting

During the semester, some students may receive additional support from Specialist Support Staff for Literacy, Numeracy, ESL and/or Special Education.

In these instances, students may have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in place.   These students will receive a report which will accurately report their progress in relation to their adjusted curriculum plan.

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